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Chiropractic Care May Help You With

<a href=Wellness Care" /> Wellness Care

Many of our patients choose to benefit from Wellness Care.

<a href=Migraines & Headaches" /> Migraines & Headaches

Migraines and Headaches are very commonly helped by chiropractic care.

<a href=Back Pain" /> Back Pain

Chiropractic is one of the most effective treatments for lower back pain.

Chiropractic Care May <span>Help</span> You With
<a href=Neck Pain" /> Neck Pain

If you are struggling with neck pain give our team a call today.

<a href=Sciatica" /> Sciatica

This common problem is something our team has had outstanding success with.

<a href=Carpal Tunnel" /> Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic care is often the best long term solution for carpal tunnel.

Chiropractor in Bend Oregon

At Bend Back Doctor we provide treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment, utilizing 20-30 minute treatment sessions. You won’t be rushed in and out in assembly line fashion. Most treatments begin with gentle mobilization, stretching, trigger point massage or physiotherapy. If needed, “Spinal adjustment” can then be administered easily and comfortably due to relaxation of surrounding muscles.
You may be instructed on resting and working postures and home therapies. This may include use of non prescription drugs, ice/heat application, stretching and orthopedic supports/bracing.

We are careful to start any therapy with provocative testing to determine if you are able to tolerate it comfortably. You will not be given therapies which you determine are uncomfortable or have found to be of little benefit in the past.

Our goal is to alleviate your pain and restore you to normal function as soon as possible. Our success is due to the complement of passive therapies that we provide in the office and active therapies and wellness advice prescribed for you to use at home or gym.

We especially enjoy working with those patients who realize that their health and well being is achieved through positive mental outlook, healthy eating habits, weight management, and daily fitness activities.

While most Bend chiropractors emphasize spinal adjusting or manipulation as their primary treatment modality, we strive to be more than a “one trick pony”. We realize that back pain may be due to a number of factors including spinal or rib fixation (segments that are stuck), poor posture, lack of strength and mobility and poor health. Therefore we also have a physical trainer who evaluates your posture and movement in order to provide you with custom stretches and exercises. We also utilize licensed massage therapists and provide physical therapies such as electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, heat and ice and intermittent mechanical traction.

Since our health is also influenced by lifestyle and nutritional choices we have a wellness couch on staff to provide you with weight loss, paleo or gluten free dietary plans. We also offer a full line of professional nutritional products, orthopedic supports and pain management devices.

Chiropractic, more than an alternative medicine

While chiropractic treatment is often viewed as “alternative medicine” we strive to provide you with therapies that are “evidence based”. In fact the State of Oregon in it’s most recent “Evidence based clinical guidelines” for the evaluation and management of low back pain (Oct 2011) recommends spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) as the only nonpharmacologic therapy for both acute and chronic low back pain.

Bend Back Doctor offers 3 types of chiropractic spinal adjusting methods depending on your preference and condition. Our primary method utilizes the Cox table to mobilize the spinal joints with gentle “flexion distraction”. This technique is at the forefront of chiropractic research especially as it relates to treating facet syndrome, stenosis and ruptured or bulging intervertebral discs.

For those patients who favor traditional high velocity chiropractic manual thrust adjustments we use diversified or Gonstead type technique.

And for the faint of heart we offer the Impulse Instrument. This low force chiropractic percussive instrument delivers a rapid burst of force specifically directed to the treatment site.

Bend chiropractor, Dr Lyle Zurflu has provided thoughtful, compassionate chiropractic treatment for over 3 decades. He is a provider for most insurance plans and volunteers with “Returning Veterans”.

Dr Zurflu was awarded Best of 2013 Bend Chiropractors.

By Lyle Zurflu D.C.

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