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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Bend? Choosing a health care provider is a big decision. At Bend Back Doctor we believe that education is a big part of our patients success. This article about chiropractic will give you some of the basic knowledge you need to understand what we can do for you, but this entire website is dedicated to helping you understand the full scope of what our team can do.

We hope you find this information helpful and as always please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. The vast majority of people equate chiropractic with back pain, but the circumstances under which the science was discovered actually had little to do with back pain. DD Palmer believed that many conditions could be addressed by removing pressure from the nerve that was involved with the affected area. He proceeded to make it his life’s work, turning this belief into the science of chiropractic.

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Chiropractic, More Than An Alternative Medicine

While chiropractic treatment is often viewed as “alternative medicine” we strive to provide you with therapies that are “evidence based”. In fact the State of Oregon in it’s most recent “Evidence based clinical guidelines” for the evaluation and management of low back pain (Oct 2011) recommends spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) as the only nonpharmacologic therapy for both acute and chronic low back pain.

Bend Back Doctor offers 3 types of chiropractic spinal adjusting methods depending on your preference and condition. Our primary method utilizes the Cox table to mobilize the spinal joints with gentle “flexion distraction”. This technique is at the forefront of chiropractic research especially as it relates to treating facet syndrome, stenosis and ruptured or bulging intervertebral discs.

For those patients who favor traditional high velocity chiropractic manual thrust adjustments we use diversified or Gonstead type technique.

And for the faint of heart we offer the Impulse Instrument. This low force chiropractic percussive instrument delivers a rapid burst of force specifically directed to the treatment site.

Bend chiropractor, Dr Lyle Zurflu has provided thoughtful, compassionate chiropractic treatment for over 3 decades. He is a provider for most insurance plans and volunteers with “Returning Veterans”.

Dr Zurflu was awarded Best of 2013 Bend Chiropractors.

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Those that have been dealing with chronic pain or have been injured are not the only individuals who should seek chiropractic care in Bend. The benefits of chiropractic care can be realized for many people with any variety of health conditions. Even those relatively “healthy” individuals with few, if any, health conditions can see the benefits of chiropractic maintenance care. The impact of life’s daily grind adds up stressing the human body in far greater ways than you might realize. Regular chiropractic adjustments can restore and maintain balance within, allowing the innately intelligent human body to heal itself, leaving you better prepared to live life to its fullest.

Regardless of one’s walk in life, anyone can benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care. Routine chiropractic treatments will help maintain the body at the high level of activity life calls for, allowing the body to self-heal through proper alignment. Your spinal column serves as a conduit through which the human brain sends messages through and out to the body's nervous system. It is simple to see how protecting the integrity of this important structure, through regular visits to Bend Back Doctor is vital to the body’s optimal function and overall health.

Chiropractic Scientifically Explained

If you are looking for a scientific explanation of how Bend chiropractic care works this paragraph is for you. A concise scientific explanation of chiropractic is that adjustments directly affect musculoskeletal structures, by reducing pain and increasing joint motion.

This is done through the effects that chiropractic adjustments have on the joint capsules, and the body’s proprioception mechanism (sense of where one is space) through the mechanoreceptors (provide information regarding mechanical changes within the body) in the joints and periarticular tissues (tissue surrounding the joint).

That's a lot to take in, but it is the explanation as to why some chiropractic patients in Bend report improvement in organic function, not only musculoskeletal benefits.  To reiterate, this is not a claim that chiropractic adjustments treat systemic pathology, but does suggest that some who have systemic symptoms may see results from chiropractic care even without the presence of pain.

What is Chiropractic in General?

Chiropractic is a profession within the health care field that deals with the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the human body. A doctor of chiropractic will diagnose, treat and prevent injuries and disorders of the nerves, muscles and bones. While a chiropractor will diagnose and treat these resultant injuries and disorders, the main objective of the chiropractor is the removal of nerve interference allowing the body to heal itself without invasive procedures and/or drugs. As would be the case with any other field of care, our patients at Bend Back Doctor receive a thorough consultation including history and examination of their major complaint. After considering possible causes of the patients’ condition a diagnosis is established and a treatment plan is created. Should a patient require treatment outside the scope of chiropractic care they are referred to the appropriate medical specialist in our area. As the science of chiropractic has evolved so have the techniques used within its practice. Common treatment methods have grown to include nutritional counseling, orthotics, lifestyle modification / exercise programs and physical rehabilitation programs. While these adjunctive treatments are certainly beneficial, spinal and joint manipulation remains the primary and most effective mode of treatment by our clinic. Statistics reflect that nearly 95% of patients that seek chiropractic care in Bend do so as a result of musculoskeletal pain.

The Education of a Chiropractor

Most patients don't realize how much schooling chiropractors in Bend have to go though before they can start practicing? Chiropractors are held to some of the most intense educational requirements of any health profession. In fact their schooling requirements are very comparable to that of medical practitioners. After completing a heavy emphasis of basic sciences in and undergraduate program, potential chiropractors may be accepted into a five year chiropractic college.

Are you curious to know if chiropractic is the right treatment for you? Please do not hesitate to call our team of dedicated professionals at Bend Back Doctor in Bend. Chiropractic care coupled with our outstanding, caring team can produce incredible results. Take advantage of our services today and take control of your health. Our team is here to help you today.

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What Our Patients Say
  • Dr Zurflu got me right in and after the first visit my pain subsided by 50%. I’m now pain free and using some core strengthening exercises he prescribed to keep my back in shape. Thanks so much

    Aaron B.

  • I woke up one morning with pain in my neck and shoulders. Within a few days I was also having headaches. I couldn’t turn my head and my upper back burned and hurt constantly. Sleep was next to impossible. I spoke with Dr. Zurflu and he found spasm of my neck muscles caused by a rib out of place. After a few treatments I am now pain free! Thank you.

    Mary S.

  • Thank you so much for relieving my pain after my car accident. I thought my neck and arm would hurt forever, but I was wrong. After a few weeks of treatment at your office most of my pain is gone and I’m able to due my housework again

    Wanda P.